Your website generates traffic. At least you hope it does. You have new visitors coming to your website on a daily basis and they are all there for a specific purpose. But it's not all the same reason. Some have performed a google search as they look for a product or service. Others have heard of your company name from a friend. Regardless, you now have people visiting your website looking for something in particular. What happens next is critical. If you want to make sure you lose a sale and a potential client then just do the following three steps.

Step 1: Provide no easy way to get in touch.

If a potential client has no way to contact you or ask you when they have a question they'll become discouraged and leave. Your website should have a very clear way for people to contact you. It doesn't have to be live support, it doesn't have to be a specific contact form or phone number. But it does have to be some method for potential clients to feel like they can communicate with you. If you take that communication channel away you can be confident you are well on your way to losing a sale.

Step 2: Don't give specific call to actions.

Clients will be confused, uncertain, and unsure of what services you offer, what problems you solve, and why they should become your client. Providing clear call to action buttons and forms will give the client a confidence that they have found the perfect company to solve their specific needs. Sites that lack those call to actions will surely drive the potential lead away from your website. What is a call to action button you ask? It can be something as simple as a link that tells the customer what they should do first. Or it can be a button to a form that asks them to define their needs. If your goal is to lose a sale then be sure you offer no clear direction to your website.

Step 3: Use generic pages and text. Do not be unique.

The last thing you want to do is be memorable to a lead. A bland nondescript site that uses standard about, service, portfolio pages with the same type of text which can be found on hundreds of other websites is the best solution when trying to lose a sale. Be sure to use phrases such as

"Our goal is to provide mission-critical solutions that provide multi-level synergies between corporate objectives through cutting-edge technological forward-thinking ideas."

These sentences are some of the fastest ways to make sure that a potential client is thoroughly confused about what services you offer and why they should contact you. Guaranteed you will easily fall into the oblivion of their web browser history.

So there you have it. Three ways to guarantee you lose a sale. Obviously if that's not the goal of your business or your website then be sure to not fall into these traps. Be aware of your goals, your objectives. Clearly share those with your potential clients then provide a way for them to easily contact you or follow your desired call to action to see results.

As a final thought if you want to be extra sure that you don't lose a lead then have your call-to-action and your contact methods funnel the leads directly into a customer relations management or CRM system. CRMery the Joomla CRM is a super easy open-source CRM that integrates into your Joomla website. Capture leads from content items, modules, or anywhere on the internet. Check out our Lead Form Wizard to see how easy it can be to create a form and start capturing new leads today.

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