CRMery Open Source CRM and Joomla CMS There's a popular Youtube channel which has grown increasingly popular as it seeks to answer a simple question: Will it blend? On this show you'll find the hosts throwing anything and everything you can imagine into a large blender and turning it on. I have watched in both curiosity and dismay as I've watched brand-new iPads, cell phones, and all types of electronic gadgets into the steel blades of destruction. Almost without exception the item in question is completely destroyed and turned into a pile of dust.

Will it blend?

Ultimately the deep and burning quandary asked by the show's title is answered with a resounding and absolute "Yes". The title of this blog article seems to pose a similar question. Will Open-Source CRM or Customer Relationship Management systems and Joomla! CMS blend? I have watched for years as various open source crm's sought to answer this question through bridges, plugins, dummy Joomla components and a variety of other half-baked solutions. And just as I did with the blender I watched with curiosity and dismay as each CRM attempted to blend. And I watched as each failed miserably.

The Plan

Finally, after many years of planning and observing I undertook the daunting task of creating a better open source CRM. I wanted a CRM for Joomla that was a native solution. I wanted a CRM which was fast, easy to use, and encouraged long-term adoption by companies. CRMery was born out of many sleepless nights, long (and sometimes heated) discussions, years of market research (what do other CRM systems do well and where do they fail). Is CRMery the best open source CRM? Yes, I firmly believe so. We've listened (and continue to listen) to what appeals to businesses. We stripped away the unnecessary things. We built a very robust system and put it behind an incredibly intuitive user interface (Are you familiar with Bootstrap?). Finally, we released our Customer Relationship Management component to the Joomlasphere, and with bated breath we waited. The response was overwhelming and encouraging.

The Result

I am pleased to say I believe we have created the best CRM for Joomla. And we're not done. We're constantly releasing updates and improvements. We're listening, adapting, and growing. And yes, I believe we've created an open-source CRM that blends perfectly with Joomla.

The Update

Recently we released a major new version, CRMery Version 2. This version included more than 200 new commits, 60+ fixes and improvements, and some large interface changes. Also, I am extremely excited to say we've reduced the entire size of the CRM by 50%! We wrote massive improvements in functions and as a result were able to increase speed even more and provide an incredibly small installation footprint.

The Future

Our goal continues to be blending open source CRM with open source CMS. Achieving the perfect balance between form and function and integration. This major release proves our ongoing commitment to improve our clients businesses through organized management of leads, contacts, deals, and more; and yet we don't think we're done. We already have a growing list of new features and ideas we are getting ready to implement. Our clients get to help us shape our future and our product. We're building a CRM that fits your needs. We have a two-fold plan as we continue to implement these new features. We will incrementally add features to releases while we also will be focusing on our next major release (yes, I find it hard to be believe too - but we're planning items for our next major release already). This means we will continually be improving our product, not just with major releases but in between as well.

The Take-away

I'd love for you to look around, explore our product and our ideas (and please, contribute your own!) and I am confident you will begin to understand how invaluable having a CRM system can be, why you need a CRM, and lastly that CRMery is the best CRM for your business.

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