Change is an interesting thing. Some people love change, others hate even the idea of change. In the world of software development and coding change is inevitable. New versions of coding frameworks are continually being released and as a result an extension developer has to continue to change their code to match.

We are dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of technology and trends, however, we hold to a fundamental belief. We will change our code, not simply for the sake of change, but because the change will make our code and our product better. If a change does not improve our service and make our client's business run better - it's not an upgrade. This concept that every change is an upgrade is a common misconception.

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Customer Relations Management can sound tricky or difficult. Even the name can be somewhat confusing. In a typical business there are specific processes and methods necessary to keep things organized and keep the business running smoothly. As businesses grow the reasons behind those processes can become less and less obvious. What happens next is a typical course of events.

Employees begin to change things. They do things the way that makes sense to them and they neglect to follow those methods that were originally meant to be followed. Why do they change? Well, there are many reasons, but most of the time employees change because they want to do what is easiest for them, or what makes the most sense for their particular job. And while this is not necessarily in and of itself a bad thing, the results can be devastating to the business as a whole. Over time your sales team changes, employees leave and new employees are hired. They must now learn the system that has been written, re-written, and customized by the salesperson before them. And now your business has a problem.

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By now you've probably heard the news: Joomla! 3.0 is now available for download. That's exciting news because of the massive upgrades that are now implemented in this release.

It would be impossible to list everyone involved with this version as well as highlight the many new features available. I'd recommend checking out for a better listing of what's included and who has helped in making this release possible. You'll be amazed at the volume of talent and effort distributed to this release. It's truly incredible to see the community involvement and support for this content management system.

What does Joomla! 3.0 mean for our CRM extension? Good things. CRMery has been written based on the Joomla! platform and we've worked extremely hard to maintain compatibility with the underlying framework so when CMS versions are released we are able to release a compatible version very quickly. In fact, we released a Joomla! 3.0 compatible version of CRMery on the day of the release. We are very strong advocates for extension developers to release updated extensions for the new versions as quickly as possible and wanted to be sure that our actions speak even louder than our words. We want to lead by example. And we're serious about code.

We also acknowledge that not every site is ready for Joomla! 3.0. It is a Short Term Supported release meaning that many stable existing sites are better served to wait until 3.5 is released before upgrading. Because of our strong core code and our understanding of the unique requirements that each site may need we offer a streamlined installer that will detect your Joomla! version and install the correct CRMery version seamlessly for you. No separate packages to download and install. We do all the heavy lifting for you.

We are continually improving our system and making sure that our CRM is the best it can be for your environment. That means we are always fixing bugs, releasing new features and upgrading our extension to work in each new version as it's released. So, regardless of whether you are using Joomla! 2.5 or starting out on a new site and implementing the latest and greatest in Joomla! code with 3.0 you can rest comfortable knowing that your CRM software is ready and waiting.

CRMery Form Plugin is a plugin for the CRMery component. CRMery must be installed for this CRM plugin to function.


This plugin will replace the shortcode [crmeryformXX] with the appropriate CRMery Form Wizard HTML.


Place the shortcode text generated by the CRMery Form Wizard anywhere within your website and this plugin will automatically find and replace it. You can add the shortcode to a module, content item, K2 article, or any other location within Joomla!

Note: Be sure to enable the plugin after installation! :)

How to Get It

If you have a subscription to CRMery already then this plugin is included in the latest release and you can simply download and install the latest version (1.123) to gain access immediately.

f you are not yet a member then join today to get started! We look forward to having you become a part of our crm community.

CRMery Lead Notifier is a plugin that works with the CRMery extension. This plugin will send an email to the person assigned to a particular lead form. This plugin requires CRMery to be installed.

How It Works

The CRM lead notifier will trigger whenever a new lead form (created with the Form Wizard) is submitted. When the plugin is triggered it will send an email notification to the user who has been defined as the owner of that particular lead form.

How to Setup

The CRMery Lead Notifier is extremely easy to configure. Simply enable the plugin and enter an email subject and any additional information you want added to the body of the email.

How to Get It

If you have a subscription to CRMery already then this plugin is included in the latest release and you can simply download and install the latest version (1.130) to gain access immediately.

If you are not yet a member then join today to get started! We look forward to having you become a part of our crm community.

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