One of the most common questions asked of companies is: "When will it be ready?"

Every company dreads that question, there are many variables that have to be taken into consideration when releasing software. Yet, every company wants to please their customers and provide them with a date when the new product will be available. It's a delicate line to walk because if they miss the date then customers are unhappy, if they don't provide a date then customers wonder if the product will ever be released. Each company approaches this problem differently. Below is how we handle it.

We believe our customers are understanding that with great software there are always delays, unexpected changes to the code that are necessary to release outstanding code. As a result we provide a transparent look into our development where we stand and when a release can be expected.

What does this mean for CRMery?

We have a specific list of tasks to complete before we release CRMery and we are working quickly through them as fast as we can. We have an anticipated release date of July 31, 2012 but we can't guarantee that will be the final release date as we would rather delay a few days then release inferior code. If you have questions about CRMery feel free toThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can pre-order at a discounted rate. We look forward to showing you all that CRMery has to offer as the only Joomla! CRM.

Setting goals allows you to set manageable and realistic expectations for your sales team members and your company. Goals allow you to take the smaller steps as well as tracking your progress towards your overall long-term objectives.

Our CRM for Joomla! will let you create goals that help to track individual goals, track the number of deals one over a time period, track deal progress, and many more aspects. CRMery will let you create multiple goals and then easily view them from the goals dashboard.

Another important aspect to consider when dealing with goals is how to encourage participation and stimulate participation. We allow for the creation of leader boards, this creates healthy competition between employees, sales teams, and more. No one likes to lose, and CRMery leader boards make it easy to see who is winning directly from the goals dashboard.

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Without question the single most requested feature I receive when discussing CRM's and contact management is reporting. Any kind of reporting. And I can understand the question, reporting can provide insights into a business success or failure and help shape all types of business decisions. I have often times been able to get significant information from a single graph or chart. I knew that CRMery was going to need reporting. We needed to include reports that would help to visualize the vast amount of data being stored.

The only problem was figuring out exactly what reports to add. There are so many different ways that the data can be compiled and stored. CRMery is such an easily extendable system with so many key features it is almost impossible to provide every report necessary to properly display this data.

We decided that the best solution is to allow you to create the reports that return the results you need. We provide a large number of standard reports and graphs already; so for more businesses there may not even be the need to create additional reports. But there are always unique cases. And there are always times when you have added custom fields to a company or a person and need to generate reports on those custom fields. We provide the ability to do that with our Joomla! CRM.

I am incredibly happy with the way that the overall reporting and custom reporting has been realized in CRMery and I am confident that you'll love the way that it can be used. If you have questions don't hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Next Feature Focus? Goals.

Customer Relations Management systems are a changing world. Constantly changing. Back in the day a good CRM allowed you to enter your clients address and phone number. A CRM was basically a glorified address book. You could quickly search through to find a particular customer and you kept a separate Rolodex of potential clients that you hoped to call in the future.

The CRM of today is much different. Today CRM's need to handle not just the contact details for customers and potential customers, but they need to track all conversations, discussions, files, notes, and all sorts of other relevant information. Not only do these systems need to track customer information but they need to track all information related to those customers, deals, potentials, and more. The next logical step involved reporting. Now that we have all this information and data - how do we capitalize on it? We need to see which sales team members were the most productive, which clients were the most profitable, and what relationships need help.

These days businesses need a CRM that can handle all of those aspects, and any custom fields that are unique to their business. We've taken all that into consideration while developing CRMery, the best CRM for Joomla! CRMery allows you to handle every part of the sales process, manage your pipeline, track customers, leads, potentials, and gather extensive reporting.

If your business is searching for a CRM solution and you want something that will run smoothly within your existing website then you've come to the right place. We've built the only native Joomla! CRM and we're ready to help you implement it into your business.

As we work continuously on improving user experience we want to always get feedback from our VIPs (our customers). I want to explore the deals part of CRMery and walk though the capabilities of one aspect of our Joomla! CRM.

The deals tab is one of the three central focuses of CRMery, like most Customer Relations Management applications. Deals allows you to see where different opportunities for your company exist and what stage they are at in the sales pipeline. We wanted to provide a list view that did more than just list your CRM deals. We wanted to take it one step further with the level of interaction you could have even when viewing a list of deals.

Directly from the list view you can modify a bunch of the fields and it will auto-update the database on the fly. No need to enter an edit screen to update the status, or make a note. Click on the field you want to change and change it. Nobody likes waiting or taking the time to make changes, so we figured if those changes could be done from a single screen it would be easy to keep everything updated.

Once you are on a single deal page you can now see all of the information associated with that deal. Again, we made it a breeze to update things by making fields clickable and using extensive AJAX calls to allow you to add notes, conversations, documents all without having to ever load a separate page.

So, let us know if you have thoughts or feedback about how we've structured the deals section of the site. We value your input and love to hear from our VIPs. Call us at 336.525.6131 or email us.

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