How much have you been spending on CRM systems? My guess is a lot. I'm also going to guess at a few more things. I bet your CRM doesn't live native within Joomla! system. Other Joomla! CRM just don't exist. And I'm going to guess that your Customer Relations Management is a bit of a headache.

Welcome to CRMery. CRMery is Customer Relations Management for Joomla! The best native Joomla! CRM provides all the robust features you expect from a CRM but integrated directly within your website, and without the headaches.

Next comes the $30,000 question - how much could you be saving? CRMery gives you a Joomla! customer relations management component for a one-time fee that is a fraction of your other annual CRM fees. Why spend thousands of dollars for something that doesn't belong to you, doesn't live on your site, and gives you a headache?

Take control of your budget. Take control of your data. Take control of your CRM. In today's economy I am sure there are many other ways you would like to spend your money.

If you are already a CRMery member then you are well aware of the benefits. If you're not I invite you to take us for a test drive. See what the fuss is about and start taking control.

We are excited about the upcoming release of CRMery called, Ayrshire. It's been many months in the making but we love the way it came together. We worked hard to provide the most intuitive, native Joomla! experience possible. This update will be released through the Members section and can be downloaded and installed directly over previous versions. We will also be notifying everyone through our newsletter. If you're not already subscribed you can do that through the link on the right.

In order to demonstrate the capabilities found in this release we've put together a short video. We don't want to waste your time so we've kept this video under 3 minutes. We can't demo the entire system in 3 minutes so we've only highlighted a few key areas. Be sure to sign up for a webinar, or visit the online demo for a more comprehensive review of what this system is capable of.

If you have questions you can always give us a call at 336.525.6131, or send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Seeing is Believing. Try Our Fully Functioning Demo.

Experience the incredible power of a Joomla! CRM. Both front and admin demo's are available.