I was recently flipping through the television channels and happened to land on the Discovery channel show about Nik Wallenda and his seemingly impossible high wire trip across the Grand Canyon . I was on the edge of my seat watching the "King of the High Wire" as he balanced precariously on a swaying, sagging wire across the vast expanse of the Grand Canyon. It was incredible to watch. I thought to myself I would never do be able to do that. The skill necessary and the years of experience to balance so perfectly on so thin an edge clearly is a talent I will never possess. I realized however as I watched him that I could make a comparison to something that I deal with on a very regular basis.

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There's a popular Youtube channel which has grown increasingly popular as it seeks to answer a simple question: Will it blend? On this show you'll find the hosts throwing anything and everything you can imagine into a large blender and turning it on. I have watched in both curiosity and dismay as I've watched brand-new iPads, cell phones, and all types of electronic gadgets into the steel blades of destruction. Almost without exception the item in question is completely destroyed and turned into a pile of dust.

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Your website generates traffic. At least you hope it does. You have new visitors coming to your website on a daily basis and they are all there for a specific purpose. But it's not all the same reason. Some have performed a google search as they look for a product or service. Others have heard of your company name from a friend. Regardless, you now have people visiting your website looking for something in particular. What happens next is critical. If you want to make sure you lose a sale and a potential client then just do the following three steps.

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When you attend a conference you should always be looking to maximize the value of the event. Most of the time you've spent a good bit of money on the event. You have spent money for the price ticket to attend the conference, your meals, a hotel room, and possibly airfare.

Those totals represent the amount of money you will actually spend to attend an event. Beyond those costs you will also experience a time cost. Your time cost is defined as the potential lost work or income potential lost as a result of being at a conference instead of working.

So as you can see, it costs you a lot both in money and time to attend a conference. As a result you need to make sure you get the most value possible and use the time to generate new opportunities for your business.

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January 2. It’s the first official business day of 2013. A new year and a fresh start. There’s no better time to make significant changes in your business and your organization. This is the time to look for new solutions; make the effort to fix problems and give your business the jumpstart needed to make 2013 the best year ever.

As 2013 starts, consider implementing a Customer Relations Management tool in your business? More than likely you have heard of CRM’s before, perhaps you’ve even tested some. If you’ve never tried a CRM or tried and given up on a CRM in the past, we urge you to look closer at CRMery. And if you're not sure a CRM is important for your business you should read 10 Reasons Why You Need a CRM. We have worked hard to provide a comprehensive CRM that fits the needs of most businesses “out-of-the-box” and easy to modify for those special circumstances as well.

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